About us - Villa Babbelien

Completely renewed air conditioning!

We were looking for a nice villa, situated in a beautiful setting,

where between the crack of dawn and going to bed spoiled by a generous sun,

where you can laze by the pool, get pampered at the nearby spa, biking, hiking, golfing, wine tasting, swimming, kayaking and canoeing, or ...

where you can just jump, walk, smell, dance, play, sing, eat, drink, sleep and dream to then continue to enjoy the next day

where the locals greet you with a friendly smile.

We found this after a search with our family in the quiet provencal wine village Hérépian the Orb in the Languedoc.

Do you want to taste them again, do not hesitate to consult our website further.

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A map where Hérépian is located in France