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Holiday home Villa Babbelien
5 Chemin des Genets, 34600 Hérépian, Languedoc - Roussillon, South - France

  1. Application: 
    1. These conditions form a whole with the other information on our website and with the data on the reservationform.
  2. Reservations: 
    1. Booking for the desired period of our property can be done by mail, or by telephone. Only a with telephone reservation, you instantly know if the period is still available. With other reservations you will be emailed or phoned back.
    2. To change a reservation after the bill is sent, it is possible, if the other rental period is available.
      A sum of € 50.00 will be charged. 
    3. The minimum rental period is 1 week. 
    4. The tenant receives the invoice for payment and the reservationform.
      The tenant should close a cancellation insurance policy at the earliest possible
      A copy should be sent (scanned and emailed).
    5. Prices for rental periods can not be changed by us in the current year. 
      Please note: this is the case with rental companies. 
    6. The reservation form must be returned to the address below. On this form the names of the family and any guests who use the home, should be mentioned.
      MORTIER G. - SERGEANT L., Hazestropdreef 19, 9031 Drongen, Belgium
      Mobile: 0032 475/49 35 48 
    7. By sending the signed reservationform the tenant declares to have read and agree to the rental terms and additional information knowledge. 
  3. Payments: 
    1. The tenant receives a note.
    2. Payment must be made ​​by bank transfer.
      For all other methods of payment are bank charges borne by the tenant. 
    3. The payment will be paid in two installments. After booking an invoice for 40% of the full amount is sent. The rest of the balance is due 8 weeks before the start of the rental period. 
    4. When booking 2 months before the rental period the payment should occur an a single term.
    5. additional cleaning or other maintenance activities, an amount of € 30.00 will be charged per hour by the owner who does the work or delegates it. This amount will be deducted from the deposit

    6. lost or stolen card decoder TV and/or the WIFI box, the deposit will be retained in full. This causes problems for the next tenants and can not be solved in time.

  4. Cancellation 
    1. After booking, the full deposit is due in all cases. A cancellation insurance is required to personally close. 
    2. Cases of natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, blockades, terrorism, and / or other cases not listed in the cancellation policies, so that a tenant can not occupy the property are not eligible for cancellation. 
  5. Arrival / Departure. 
    1. Unless otherwise indicated, the changeover day is on Saturday. 
    2. The tenant leaves the house on Saturday between 08h30 - 09h00. 
    3. The new tenant the property can  arrive from 16h00. 
    4. The itinerary can be found on our website: 
    5. from GHENT: Lille or Tournai - Paris - Orléans - Clermont-Ferrand - Millau Bridge - Clermont-Hérault - Bédarieux - Hérépian 
  6. Cleaning 
    1. In all cases, the final cleaning is required. 
  7. Use of the villa
    1. Pets are not allowed. 
    2. It is not permitted to use the leased property with more people then stated on the reservationform. Children count in full. 
    3. Nor should be camped on the grounds of the rented property without permission. A mobile home can not be plaed on the leased property. 
    4. When broken and / or damage, the damage will be deducted from the deposit. The tenant will accept the property in the state as standing at arrival and as described on our website. If, at the end of the rental period furniture and / or goods are damaged and / or no longer present, compensation will be payable to the owner or will need to be replaced. The damage from breakage, cleaning of stained carpets, blankets, quilts, mattresses etc. Will also be deducted from the deposit.
      The tenant will not throw strange things in sinks, bathtubs, bidets, showers, toilets and other drains, so the pipes can become clogged. If this were the case, the tenant will be liable for remedying these blockages. 
    5. For bath towels, kitchen towels and bed linen, the lessee must provide yourself. 
    6. The deposit will be refunded after the departure and after deduction of any costs. The settlement will be done within a period of at least 30 days, especially in the high season. 
    7. The waste shall be sorted as specified by the tenant. Municipal services refuse to take it along if the sorting is not strictly adhered. The day of pickup hangs out in the home. Failure to observe these guidelines may be charged additional costs for sorting and bringing into the municipal services by the lessor. Any such costs will be deducted from the deposit. 
  8. Complaints 
    1. Substantiated complaints should be written on the control document and phoned to the owner, this at the time of observation upon arrival.
    2. Both parties will endeavor as soon as possible by mutual agreement solve any difficulties or problems. 
    3. If the parties fail to reach a satisfactory solution, the complaint may be made in writing with reasons within 2 weeks after discovery, filed with the owners, and if necessary, the case will be looked at again.
  9. General and liability. 
    1. For damage and injury, the tenant could happen during their stay and inconveniences resulting from force majeure, (blockages, extreme weather sometimes tooth present, cases of terrorism) and unexpected building activities in addition to the apartment, the landlords do not accept any liability. 
    2. Landlords can not be held liable for disruptions in the water supply and / or nuisance in extreme weather conditions. If electrical appliances break, there will be sought in consultation with landlords to find a solution. Be aware that when lightning strikes your own equipment (including your laptop) is not insured. 
    3. Children and / or adults without swimming certificate may only enter the swimming pools with life jacket and possibly under the supervision of a third party. The landlords can not be held liable.
    4. The tourist tax, which we can exert no influence is invoiced and paid to the French government, will be charged.
    5. The tenant is obliged to conclude, as they are liable for damages to a BA insurance policy by their rented home.
      The landlords, the tenant still liable after the rental period, when it appears after inspection (after the tenant's departure) that there is any damage to the rented property. 
    6. Any possible printing error in these conditions are not the liebality of the landlord.
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